Niovi's Bakery

CLIENT: niovi kousari
YEAR: 2021
SERVICE: Visual Identity
Client: niovi kousari
Year: 2021
Service: Visual Identity

We had the pleasure to work with Ms. Kousari for the design of the visual identity of her new bakery. She is one of the people you really enjoy working with, not only because she knew what she wanted, but also because she was fully prepared to listen and trust us on this beautiful, exciting and challenging journey of creating a logo & its other applications. So it turned out completely effortlessly the right result we wanted & she wanted first.

The difficulty we encountered during the design, was that there was an already working business that had already operated as a bakery in the past, so there were many elements in the interior & exterior architecture that allowed us a very limited design approach. So we had to somehow come up with something contemporary that matched a building built in the early 90's with whatever that entails. We also had to keep in mind the location of the specific bakery. So we believe that despite the problems we encountered when we undertook this project (after all, this is what graphic design does, it solves problems), we managed to design a modern, elegant, easy-to-remember & timeless identity.

Project Info

The creation of this visual identity concerns a neighborhood bakery in the area of Egaleo, which is addressed to the everyday person of the Athenian neighborhood.

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