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Welcome to GRAPHICAT


We design especially for your business' visual identity using modern strategic methods.

Contemporary Design

We live in the present with an eye on the future. We design your visual identity with proper research, knowledge & imagination, always taking into account your own preferences.

We are continuously evolving

In our field, graphic design, we have to learn new things every day. We love knowledge and progress, but at the same time we respect tradition because we are greatly inspired by it and its wealth.

We create unique

Each work is as unique as our fingerprint. There may not be a virgin birth especially with so much information around us, but as far as your business is concerned, we do not compromise. Our goals? Make your logo special, legible, elegant and timeless.

Printed promotion - Marketing

Although social media has taken over our lives, print applications remain familiar & easily accessible to everyone. Therefore, we pay special attention to the design of each form you need to promote your business to the general public.

Social Media Managing | Content Creation

We design content from scratch for your business' social media, based on your needs & we undertake their promotion on a monthly basis.

Pricing & Support

We make sure that our pricing is given after a detailed briefing, providing a complete analysis without subsequent charges.


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The logo is designed after detailed briefing and completion of modern questionnaires.


We design modern and user-friendly websites, static, dynamic & e-shops.


The design of your flyers is based on your visual identity and always taking into account the target group to which you are addressing.

Business Card

Business card is not something simple. We create it together, guiding you to the appropriate choice of premium papers for the promotion of your business.


We design stylish and functional posters for any kind of event.

Social Media Content

We create content and adjust it for use on any kind of social platform.

Strategic Branding | Visual Identity

We start from scratch the creation of a complete visual identity & its applications in all media using modern strategic methods.

Social Media Management | Social Media Marketing

We undertake your promotion on social media as well as their monthly planning by providing complete reports.

Packaging | Book | Other

With years of experience in the packaging industry and the different types of print methods such as flexography, but also in all other design fields such as pagination, we help you to achieve each goal.


Graphicat consists of a small core of partners with an appetite for work, knowledge & passion for design in all of its forms.

Comstantine Kagkelaris Photo

Constantine Kagkelaris

Graphic Designer

With a very strong portfolio & years of demostrated work of finished projects in his assets as he collaborated with companies such as Ogilvy, People magazine, Patakis publications & others, he is here to give us his valuable knowledge in technical & design problems. A true and incurably InDesign fanatic!

Marilena Gropatsakis Photo

Marianna Agouridaki

Graphic Designer

Graduated from AKTO College with Bachelor in Graphic Design and Master in Digital Design and Interactive Applications. Her great love is branding and user interface design.