Below you can see information about the process we follow for the pricing of our services

Briefing & Pricing

The process of briefing, research and design is both exciting and quite stressful & difficult. We are here to help you implement everything you have in mind and turn stress into creation.


All that remains for the beginning of our cooperation, is to ask us for the agreement to be signed & then the payment of the deposit as stated in it.

Terms of Service

The cost of phone call sessions outside working hours is calculated with hourly compensation & is added by modifying the agreement at the end of the process.
Our business operates & is available for communication, Monday to Friday 10:00 - 18:00.
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays we do not answer calls & messages, unless absolutely necessary. The average response time to a message or email is usually 30 minutes. For messages sent on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, you will receive a reply the next business day.
We prefer emails as the primary method of communication as there are chat archives for the client & us that we can refer to immediately. We do not particularly prefer social media or viber / whatsapp platforms unless it is a conference call by appointment.