Mary's Coffee

Visual Identity/ Printed Promotion

CLIENT:Katsifi Maria
YEAR: 2021
SERVICE:Visual Identity / printed promotion

The problem

It was a very hurried process, but not stressful at all, because Maria knew exactly what she wanted, she followed our instructions in a very good mood, & so the result -we believe- justified both sides!

Our solution

The Mary's Coffee logo was created for an existing business & is essentially a rebranding. We took into account the location, the values ​​that the company wants to communicate, the wide target group of the area of ​​Inofyta, as well as the high quality of the products provided. The only difficulty we encountered was in the interior design of the business that was already installed from the previous operation, so we had to adjust the design strategy accordingly.
We came up with a purely typographic logo, with no extra marks, inspired by Victorian-era interior architecture, but given its modern version. The iconography & patterns are purely geometric & the color palette is quite bold, happy with three warm & two cool colors.

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