Shelled Pistachio

No name pistachio packaging design

CLIENT:Thanassis Ekaterinis
YEAR: 2021

Our goal

This project concerns the design of a label for no name PP bag for peanuts in shell. Raw, uncooked & salted. The customer wanted something different from the competition with the prospect that the way of selling would at some point break away from the classic "hand in hand" and enter retail food stores..

Our solution

We proceeded to design the label by creating a comic character, common to all three flavors, with changes in the style and appearance of the hair, but also in a proposal that can be used in the future, and is the creation of a cardboard box with a window for to show the product, type of popcorn, where it highlights the importance of peanuts for Greek culture. An everyday food, affordable and at the same time healthy, that accompanies every moment of our lives, fills us up and entertains us, just like popcorn does for other peoples. We also designed a series of static commercials which show exactly how one can have such a box with him everywhere, weighing only 400 grams and in any occasion!

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