Scientific Calendar 2023

We're here again for the year 2023

Finally with your support and your valuable donations, we are pleased (super pleased basically) to announce the PRINTED edition of the Scientific Calendar for the year 2023!

With new, updated illustrations, new honored male,female & also LGBTQ+ scientists freshly added!

However, the fact that there is a print for sale, does not mean it is not available in digital form, with the option to donate, so that you can continue to support us in the next steps of this project!

How this calendar works

The design started timidly exactly four years ago. The concept by Valia Bouba & her physicist friend Antonis Anatonidis. In the beginning, due to lack of time, royalty free photos or portraits of honored scientists were used. As the diary evolved & because we loved it & you really loved it, we also wanted a self made contemporary design.

So Valia decided for 2021 to start illustrating.

An illustration that will be liked by all ages, in a simple linear modern style. In the 2021 calendar portraits were used again , but for this year, 2022, it evolved even more & includes full-length sketches, always with a humorous touch! We even designed a logo because we wanted to have what we call consistency in our calendar "branding" !

Its use is quite simple. As you can see on the last page where the index is located, each scientist who refers to the respective date of birth, has & an icon above his/her name. This icon refers to her/his field of action & the explanation of each icon can be found in the memo on the back cover.

So this is not a celebration of the Orthodox faith, nor is it an index of any "mobile" holidays.

It is purely something very specialized that concerns the whole range of sciences & can easily become a tool for pupils & students, parents but also professionals, as it is an excellent help through the "game" with dates & legend.

So our goal was to express ourselves through our love for science & graphic design & to inspire as many as we can, people of all ages, by satisfying that thirst for learning!

Support our effort

Order a printed copy

To order a printed version of Scientific Calendar 2023 in pyramid shapre, please contact us on our Facebbok page. It costs 9 euros. For the shipping cost we need your address in order to calculate it!

4 the digital version

Below you can see 2 buttons. The first is for downloading the file. Its completely free, in PDF format & printable in A5 size.

The second is about donation, in order to help Scientific Calendar team to keep this project alive for the next year, and also for designing a mobile application with lots of interesting articles, scientific calendar, trivia and many more, in order to make science more popular and why not in a gamelike form, where it will be addressed to each and every one of us!

Scientific Calendar 2023
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Thank you!

We could not forget but thank those who spread this quite ambitious effort on social media, but also those who & donated any amount and helped us make this project come true!

May you all be well. We wish you a happy new year with health, rationality & exploding creativity! Keep searching!