IAMFLamenco Music & Movement Education

Client Yota Baron Flamenco Productions
Service: Viual Identity

IAMFlamenco Kids Brief

We are pleased to announce the brand new "IAMFlamenco - Music and Movement for nin @ s 3-6 years old" project , which was designed exclusively for children aged three to six & is the "child" of the already existing and successful IAMFlamenco. That's why the design process is based on the existing IAMFlamenco logo, but oriented to the new and very demanding target group which is - what else? - children!

Keeping the same font & adding the mark with the octopus, but modifying the color palette, we seek to communicate freshness, joy, excitement & movement. The octopus with its tentacles & its "airy" movement in the water, refers to the aspects of flamenco clothes & to the flexibility of its dancers. With its three hearts, it immediately "clicked" us to "adopt" it, because its inspirer Yota Baron has essentially "divided" her heart into three pieces. One is in her homeland Greece, the second in Spain,where her music was born & the third in her recent but equally beloved homeland the Netherlands.

We decided together to have polka dot elements, as in the flamenco fabrics over time, but in a contemporary and minimal way we depicted them with the octopus suction cups. The color palette contains perfectly balanced warm & cool colors with an emphasis on purple that expresses together the boy & the girl. The @ in the word ninos, is used to show that gender does not matter when we sing & dance, but only fun & a good heart!

CLIENT: Yota Baron Flamenco Productions
Website: Yota Baron
YEAR: 2021
SERVICE: Visual Identity